Steps To Making A 7 Figure Income In A Year

‘Ways to earning a 7 figure income in a year.’ Just hit this search term on any of the popular search engines, and you would virtually be blown by the huge list of websites crowding the result pages on internet. Go through some of these websites and you will come across all sorts of crazy ideas, suggesting their own imaginary theories about generating from a few hundred dollars to even $1000 in a day. Some of them would also sound quite appealing as well, as they talk about the unstoppable potential of exploiting a networking business by joining a sound MLM program. Then there would be some who would talk about the unlimited potential of generating a thick stream of income through hundreds of affiliate marketing programs being offered on the internet today.

The fact of the matter however is something else, as most of these businesses are unable to guarantee you a trustworthy source of income for a longer duration of time. In fact, most of these quick buck promising websites are designed to catch the fancy of the common men by luring them into high sounding advertisement copies that create an illusion of a glamorized future in their minds. The term ‘7 figure income’ is also one such high sounding phrase that could be associated to being a millionaire, a dream possessed by many aspiring individuals like you. But is it really possible to amass so much wealth in just a calendar year?

The answer to this question is relatively simple if you look at it in a more factual and pragmatic way. It is true that some of these programs have the potential of turning an individual’s life on its head and uplifting it to the luxurious status of a millionaire. But the probability of such a turnaround happening in an individual’s life is extremely low, as only a very few out of thousands are able to experience such a miracle in their life. And especially during these hard times of economic recession, talking big bucks seems almost like a privilege, afforded by a select group of people blessed with the luxuries of life.

But again, this does not mean that these methods are not worth trying. If things pan out in the right way, at the right time, at the most probable moment, who knows your fortunes might rocket skywards, catapulting you into the select group of people labeled as millionaires. But still if you approach this matter more sensibly, you would find that there can not be one sure way of becoming a millionaire in a span of just 12 months. Most of the methods advertised and promoted on the world wide web may sound very promising in the beginning, but they also require a fair bit of luck going you way to bring a miraculous turnaround in your life.

So now we are going to take a closer look at some of the most realistic ways of generating a rich stream of money, which may not make you a sure-shot millionaire, but will definitely bring you at par with my definition of being a millionaire in the true sense, in a relatively short span of time. I have used the term ‘my definition of being a millionaire’ because I also believe in collecting the sum of all the happiness that you enjoyed during the year while making a final assessment of the net money you would end up pocketing at the end of a calendar year.

A few words of caution though…

But before we actually get into panning down each of these ageless tips before you, let’s just first understand certain underlying facts very clearly. These tips given here are not in any way a guarantee that they will turn the fortunes of everybody around in a jiffy. Moreover, none of you should also be mistaken about the seriousness of efforts that would be required to put these tips into practice to witness the slow and steady turnaround of fortunes for a persevering individual.

I am also not sure about the high motivational quotient of these simple yet effective tips, and there is every chance that these tips may not sound persuasive enough to hold the attention of readers through the remaining write-up in this article. But I am okay with it, as I have no intention of turning this article into a sales pitch by promising out of the world turnarounds in everybody’s life. My entire effort happens to be on giving my readers a clear picture of things as they stand right now, and break any illusion my readers may be having in terms of achieving a mammoth task of being a millionaire.

Hence I would solicit my readers to go through these tips with a fairly open mind and not form any pre-conceived notions about what they might be or what they may bring later on. And while I can indeed promise you that these tips given underneath are verified and achievable, I must also remind you again that these tips can pose a fair degree of difficulty on your road to become a millionaire. These tips/methods would require you to make strong decisions at times and you would also need to follow a strict time table to honor your deadlines. They might also mean sacrificing on the time you spent earlier on your most beloved hobbies, and making a disciplined effort to abstain from any irresponsible behavior at all times. I know that all this may seem a very tall order for many to follow, but believe me if you are able to raise your level of commitment to this cause to such heights, success will not elude you for a very long time.

Off course there are bound to be exceptions in this case as well, and you would need to understand this factor and take everything sportingly in your stride. There would be situations when a certain individual with average skills would sail through quite comfortably, while another individual with very high skills might be found faltering at times. All these things could be attributed to a number of traits like, individual’s family background, tough mental conditioning, emotional support of family members, specific personality characteristics, and all the factors that set different individuals apart from each other in performance.

Now before I finally pan out these time tested tips in front of you, let me remind you a few more things about these tips. Have no doubt about the fact that these tips will work or not. I say this with so much conviction because they have worked for me, and also for some of my dear friends who incorporated these methods in their life. They will definitely work for you if you have the burning desire to put your heart and soul into achieving your goal of becoming a millionaire. Let’s take a detailed look at these ageless tips, and understand what they really mean.

Tip-1: Get specialization in a field,
So that you can be different from others.

If you want to set your destiny apart from the crowds, you would learn to do it at the very beginning. Be careful about the degree and specialization of study that you opt for at your college level. By choosing a specialized field of study in the college, you would trigger the process of setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowds. Choose those degree courses that are the most in demand and have the highest earning potential in the industry. If you end up graduating in one of these highly lucrative streams, you would have already gained a clear advantage than all the others in your group even before you finally set your feet as a professional in the industry.

You can also consider going to one of the top schools in your area of specialization to enhance your chances of getting a head start in the beginning of your career. Having a few clear yards ahead of the competition is always a profitable preposition, and would always be an added advantage in your life. Having got the much desired head start to your career, you must now focus on getting into a relatively smaller firm which would give you ample on the job experience in your area of specialty. Make the most of this opportunity by brushing up on all the critical skills required to achieve dexterity in your trade.

A smaller platform to begin with is always an ideal one for anybody looking to apply the fundamentals of theory into real practical application. However, a bigger platform on the other hand will always put you under the watchful eyes of the seniors who would be extremely cautious about the newly inducted hands into the ranks and their performance. Such a scenario is always going to stop you from doing something on your own and limit your learning process about the complexities of your trade.

Tip-2: Let your work do the talking,
So that your name can spread.

Whether you are working for somebody or running your own business, keeping a constant tab on the quality of your work should always be of prime concern to you. In order to carve a special place in their hearts, it will be imperative that you make your customers feel satisfied by your excellent workmanship. But this will happen only when you take your work seriously, and deliver it to perfection till the very last detail to your clients.

Such great work ethics are bound to enhance your reputation in the market, and earn you the respect of all the clients you would have worked with at some point in your life. Now you will no longer need to run from one place to the other to find quality work assignments. Instead, your happy clients’ base will gleefully spread the word about you in their social circles, and you would soon have people lining up at your doorstep to avail your services. And believe me, there is no better way of promoting your services in the marketplace than the age old way of word of mouth.

Your deliverance in context of what you have promised is ultimately going to make or break your reputation in the market. Just imagine the plight of all those businesses who take the pain of writing tons and tons of mushy advertising copies to lure new clients into buying their services. They might succeed in luring some for the first time, but in the absence of true quality work, the only thing they get back is bad mouthing clients and a huge amount of negative publicity.

Tip-3: Ask for more responsibility,
So that you can demand more pay.

Apart from concentrating on the quality of work at your workplace, you would also need to develop your reputation as a trustworthy and dependable professional who has the capability of getting things done in a stipulated time frame. The people around you should feel confident about your abilities and your skills to handle diverse assignments with relative ease. This is that critical aspect of your professional life which will surely see you rise in authority as well as in responsibility in the hierarchy of the organization where you have been currently employed.

Even in the context of a self-driven business, the ability to take up bigger responsibilities will soon put you in the bigger league where you will be handling bigger work assignments with big names. Having achieved a bigger role in the scheme of things, your pay packet would also be bigger now with better allowances and perks to carry your lifestyle in the big league.

At times you might feel dejected upon seeing others around you winding up their assignments in time and spending some quality time with their families. You might even miss those special weekend trips that you so dearly enjoyed with your friends, but you must realize that this is a sacrifice you will have to make in order to travel down the road to riches.

Tip-4: Go for name instead of money,
So that the latter can follow.

Having achieved that stage where people start noticing you, you will need to further strengthen the reputation of your name by constantly delivering beyond their expectations. Being consistent is going to be the key here as it will ultimately brand your services in the market. People will now start recognizing the services/products delivered by your brand on a larger level, and they would also start asking for your name/brand as their first choice.

Having propelled your name to such a level in the market, the best strategy now would be to spread goodwill about the name to each and every corner of your perspective market. Working for charities, donating your services to poor and deprived groups would not only give you personal satisfaction, it will also send positive vibes to social and business circles in local as well as overseas markets.

Even if you are working for an organization, your ideal strategy should be to focus more on helping others around you in gelling as a unit. Don’t hesitate to help your colleagues in overcoming their shortcomings, and don’t ever think that your position is going to be threatened if they perform well. On the contrary, such a helpful attitude will only enhance your reputation in your organization, and your value would further go up in the eyes of the top management.

Tip-5: Always thank heavens for Luck,
So that others don’t envy your stars.

I would like to quote an old saying here which says, “Only trees that know how to bend are able to bear fruits; the rigid ones simply break with a gush of wind”. No matter how successful and affluent you may become in life, you must never underestimate the virtue of being humble to others. It also means that you should never ever think that you have achieved complete mastery in your profession. Being over confident will no only close your mind from being receptive to healthy suggestions, it will also bring in a sense of disrespect for other people’s ideas.

On the other hand, if you are able to maintain a level headed approach in life, there is every chance that you will always remain open to new ideas and suggestions coming from various quarters. Such an approach will not only keep you properly grounded mentally, it will also let you appreciate talented people around you and help you in building a healthy relationship with them.

Just Look at all those people who have had a fair share of success in their life, and you will find that almost all of them often try to attribute their success to a stroke of luck combined with loads and loads of hard work. It is almost like as if they consciously refrain from bragging about the genius in their persona, so that the people around them would be more receptive and appreciative of their achievements. Now that’s where all of us would be ideally aspiring to be; at the peak of our successful careers with virtually no enemies scheming to pull us down from our coveted positions.


Now that you have my 5 golden steps towards generating a 7 figure income, I would like to wish you luck in carrying out this journey with confidence and élan. Though some of you might still be quite skeptical about the ways of achieving a 7 figure income I have mentioned in this article, I would like to tell you that no matter how ordinary these methods might sound in the first reading, I don’t have even an iota of doubt about the fact that they will help you succeed eventually. These are those time-tested 5-steps that I too have been using in my life to grow my income to six figures now.

And believe me guys, all those big mushy copies about making quick fast bucks in a few number of days is a lot of hype than substance. What I have given you here is a definite path which will bring transformation in your life if you follow it in the right manner. And no guys, I am not even saying that people who have crossed a certain age limit would not benefit from these tips. In other words, if some of you think that you have crossed the point where a few of these steps would work, I would suggest that employ only those ones that you think would be plausible at the stage of your life you are in.

There is definitely no point in brooding over the mistakes committed in the past. As a matter of fact, all these steps center on keeping an open approach towards all the possibilities in your life. Being flexible and pragmatic will only enhance your chances of addressing a situation in the best light and make the most of what life has to offer at that point of time. This way, you would also learn to respect the role of destiny in your life and would always be more careful in contemplating the options available before you while choosing the path that you would deem fit to take.

So buckle up guys. Now you must ready yourself to walk the slow yet sure steps of this journey on the road to riches. Just forget about all that you ever missed, all that you could have done, and all the opportunities that went by without knocking. You have already whiled away precious time in weighing the pros and cons of this opportunity, and the more time you take in deciding about beginning this journey, the lesser chances you would probably have of making a real impact in your quest to reach a 7 figure income in a year. For people who have crossed a certain age, just putting into practice even the latter steps (especially 3 and 4) would help them in growing their income levels to a 6 figure or even a 7 figure bracket in due course of time.